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Picture of colored pencilsVernon Parish Curriculum Department

Teaching and Leading for Excellence


The Vernon Parish School System takes pride in the quality of our education system.  Academic Excellence is a top priority for our system. We take pride in being an “A” rated school district in Louisiana.

The Vernon Parish Curriculum Department is committed to providing teachers with content specific professional learning experiences that will guide them in designing engaging work for students which will result in profound learning. Central to our work is increasing the depth of teacher understanding of content for each subject area; hence, our commitment to continuous innovation and revision in all curriculum areas.

How well a school system works depends, in large part, on how well it aligns curriculum and assessment with standards throughout the district. In practical terms, this means that for students to succeed, they should be taught what they are expected to learn and assessed on what they are taught.Diagram of the interaction of curriculum, instruction, and assessment

We want our students to be ready for the future. We want to give them a wide variety of opportunities and experiences to prepare them for education and employment after high school. We want our students to be productive, responsible members of society who can compete in the global economy.

For us, it's about understanding each student as an individual and respecting their needs. For some of our students, it is about academic rigor and that's where our honors program, Dual Enrollment, and Advanced Placement programs are available. For others, it is about learning a trade or other skills to take beyond the college experience. That's why we offer Jumpstart Pathways at all of our High Schools.

In all our schools, Vernon Parish students have the chance to explore academics, athletics, the arts, and more. This is where they begin to open the door to possibilities.


Curriculum Department

201 Belview Road

Leesville, LA  71446

(337) 239-3401

Anne Smith                 Curriculum Director            picture of email and telephone

Lisa Lohman                Curriculum Director/Testing Coordinator

Joan Simmons             Curriculum Supervisor

Virginia Lansdale         Curriculum Supervisor

Jerome Henson           Curriculum Supervisor

Leslie Ortiz                 Curriculum Supervisor/SPED



Geraldine Alexander   Curriculum Department Secretary