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ACT 250

ACT 250


Legislative bill/law clipartBeginning with the 2018-2019 school year, each high school senior who did not meet the established college readiness standards for English and mathematics shall be given the opportunity to take an appropriate transition course.

School systems shall 1) Identify high school students who do not meet certain college readiness standards 2) Provide applicable rising seniors with information on available transition courses designed to address identified college readiness academic weaknesses 3) Use course assessment data to determine  student attainment 4) Identify English and Math transition courses which are state content standards aligned 5)Provide appropriate professional development to teachers of transition courses as part of existing professional development activities.

Students failing to meet the minimum ACT score as outlined below shall be provided the opportunity to enroll in corresponding transition course(s).

1. English subscore: 18

2. Mathematics subscore: 19

For more information on Act 250, please see your school counselor.