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Superintendent's Statement

In response to Governor Edwards’ press conference yesterday afternoon, the Vernon
Parish School Board will effective immediately, reverse the masking mandate for our
students and employees. This board has followed all the mandates, protocols, and
procedures to keep our schools as safe as possible. Those efforts are reflected in our
low numbers we report each week. In every category, we continue to show a less
than 1% affected. We will continue to follow all other protocols and procedures and
continue to be resilient in our efforts to keep our people safe. We appreciate the
efforts, patience, and cooperation of all of our parents, students, employees, and our
board. We will continue to monitor the number and trends to remain safe so our
children can continue to participate in a face to face educational setting. Any student
or employee that still feels they want to wear a mask will be allowed.
Stay safe,
James Williams, Superintendent