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2023 Vernon Parish Quiz Bowl

Posted Date: 03/01/2023

2023 Vernon Parish Quiz Bowl

The Vernon Parish School Board held the annual Quiz Bowl Tournament at Leesville High School on Thursday, February 16th. Academic Athletes from Anacoco High School, Evans High School, Hicks High School, Hornbeck High School, Leesville High School, Pickering High School, Pitkin High School, Rosepine High School and Simpson High School competed to be the Parish Quiz Bowl Champion.


Leesville High School defeated defending champion Anacoco in the early rounds and was unbeaten going into the finals. Pitkin lost an early match to Evans but worked their way back through the consolation bracket to beat Leesville twice, in the finals, for the win. Anacoco was 2nd place and a rejuvenated Evans program scored third.


Game Scores:

Preliminary Round:

Leesville 200   Pickering 45

Leesville 160   Anacoco 140

Hicks 135        Hornbeck 75

Rosepine 85   Simpson 55

Evans 145       Pitkin 140

Preliminary Consolation Round:

Pitkin 135        Pickering 70

Anacoco 190   Hornbeck 45

Pitkin 95          Simpson 55

Second Round:

Leesville 100   Hicks 70

Evans 125       Rosepine 120

Second Consolation Round:

Pitkin 195        Hicks 165

Anacoco 245   Rosepine 135


Leesville 175   Evans 165

Consolation Semi-Finals

Pitkin 185        Anacoco 155

Consolation Finals

Pitkin 200        Evans 145


Pitkin 190        LHS 145

Pitkin 155        LHS 140