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Simpson Student Earns etA Credential

Posted Date: 03/30/2023

Simpson Student Earns etA Credential

March 31, 2023

Vernon Parish School Board: Simpson High School

Trevor Roberts and Mr. Ellis, SHS

Ramona Bennett, SHS Principal:

We are proud to announce that Trevor Roberts is the first Vernon Parish student to complete the electrical training Alliance (etA) certification.  This young man has worked diligently to complete the five modules this school year.  The etA credential is an electrical pre-apprenticeship course preparing students for advanced placement into post-secondary electrical apprenticeship programs.  Hats off to our instructor, Mr. Dennis Ellis and student, Trevor Roberts!!! 

Dennis Ellis, SHS etA Instructor: 

The electrical training alliance program for our high school students is an excellent opportunity for our students to prepare for post secondary education, training and employment. The program provides insight into this very technical, productive, and lucrative trade to help students like Trevor get a head start on their careers after High School.  Students learn about challenging topics such as Safety, DC Theory and Blueprints.  Trevor applied himself in this program and proved that the challenge was not too large to complete.  We are proud of his hard work and see great things in his future.

Trevor Roberts, Simpson High School Student:

The Electrical Training course is an overview of skills needed for electrical occupations. I really enjoyed the program and feel like other students that have an interest in working as an electrician should take it.  This program helped me learn more about the electrical industry and taught me how to be safe . I plan to use this program/certification to help me obtain jobs once I graduate from Simpson High School. 

Lisa Lohman, Curriculum Director, Vernon Parish School Board:

Congratulations to Trevor, Mr. Ellis and Simpson High School for leading the way on this challenging pathway.  Vernon Parish Schools encourage all of our students to meet their potential, be purposeful, and plan for their future. In this case, Trevor gets a JUMP START  on training for a career in the electrical trade. Contact your local school about which Industry Based Certifications they offer.