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VPSB Educators present at LaSTEM Annual Conference

Posted Date: 02/11/2022

VPSB Educators present at LaSTEM Annual Conference


Teachers Sherrie Sterling of Hornbeck, Laura Thomas of Rosepine High School, Kelly Billiot of Pickering High School, and Lisa Lohman from the VPSB Curriculum Department recently attended and presented at the Annual LaSTEM conference held in Baton Rouge. They were invited to highlight their use of partner, Learning Blade’s, STEM, CTE, and Computer Science based curriculum platform.

Mrs. Billiot spoke about her use of Learning Blade in 8th Grade Math at Pickering High School. Billiot shared that they committed to completing one mission per grading period. In reality, the students have been exceeding that expectation while still meeting the curriculum requirements of the Louisiana State Standards.

Mrs. Sterling spoke about her use of Learning Blade in Environmental Science classes at Hornbeck High School. Her students told her that they liked using Learning Blade because they could see their future in STEM related fields. 

Mrs. Thomas teaches BCA at Rosepine High School to students on the Jump Start Pathway. She polled her students and 75% of them saw careers and opportunities that they could see themselves doing, in the future. She also uses Learning Blade for her early finishers.

Mrs. Lohman gave the perspective of the District Curriculum Supervisor. She outlined the genesis of the program in Vernon Parish and highlighted these three teachers as being some of the top users in the State of Louisiana. Learning Blade allows students to see the educational pathways that are available to them. She told the story about a student whose attendance went from minimal to almost perfect. The student attributed their increase in attendance to wanting to use Learning Blade in the classroom.

'We enjoy the program and appreciate the positive partnership that we have with Learning Blade.”