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Storm RFP's

RFP 1 – 2020

Revised 09/03/2020 – 2:30 PM

The Vernon Parish School Board is requesting quotes for emergency remediation services that include tarping, securing, interior and exterior clean up to include grounds, drying and environmental stabilization of damaged areas of the listed school sites. All bidders must inspect the seven school sites denoted below. Inspections will be allowed until 4 PM, Saturday, September 5th. These inspections may be scheduled by contacting Tim Ward at or by calling 337-239-1622.  Bidders who do not inspect the denoted school sites will be removed from consideration.

The district will award a purchase order contract resulting from this quote process to the responsible offer(s) who represent the best value in terms of technical capability and price. Technical capability and past performance are significant factors for selecting the best offer due to urgent nature of the scope of work. The Vernon Parish School Board may seek FEMA and/or other federal or state reimbursement for the cost of services; therefore, any contract entered into with a selected contractor(s) will include all contract clauses required to meet eligibility requirements. By submitting a quote, contractor agrees to the following requirements:

  1. Contractual Remedies in the event of breach of the contract
  2. Provisions for Termination for Cause and Convenience
  3. Compliance with Executive Order 11,246 (Equal Employment Opportunity)
  4. Compliance with the Copeland Anti-Kickback Act
  5. Compliance with the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act
  6. Notice of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Reporting Requirements and Regulations
  7. Provide Access to Contractor Records
  8. Retention of Records meeting federal requirements
  9. Compliance with the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act
  10. Compliance with federal Energy Efficiency requirements
  11. Contractor cannot be Suspended or Debarred from federal projects

Vernon Parish School has seven sites that require emergency assistance due to the amount and nature of the damages incurred. The purpose in requesting these quotes is to prevent further damage to district property and to ensure the safety of any authorized person on the property.

The properties we are requesting quotes for are:

  1. Hicks High School
  2. Anacoco Elementary School
  3. West Leesville Elementary School
  4. East Leesville Elementary School
  5. Leesville Junior High School
  6. Vernon Middle School
  7. Rosepine Elementary School

We are also requesting quotes for the stabilization of our other facilities.

A list of all facilities with addresses is included as Appendix A.

A list of square footage for facilities is included as Appendix B.

Quotes should be submitted on a per site basis via email to or hand delivered to 201 Belview Road, Leesville, LA by 1:00 PM. September 6, 2020. Lump Sum quotes per site are preferred. In the event Time and Material quotes are provided, vendors shall provide (1) hourly labor rates for each classification of employee to be used; (2) equipment and material costs for all pieces of equipment/material that may be used for performance of the work; and (3) a maximum, not-to-exceed price for each site.


Appendix A – School List


Appendix B – Square Footage