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Technology Learning and Support

Technology Learning and Support

The VPSB Technology Department supports the processes involved in teaching and learning, business procedures, and administration, in the district while using technology.  Part of our expectation is engagement in on going, life-long learning to make yourself the best that you can for your career in education. We encourage you to continue to sharpen your skills and learn the tools of your trade.

The Support Process

1) Self Help – Please take the time to think about the issue you may be having. Sometimes restarting a program, app, browser, or device will do the trick.  Are all of the cables plugged in to the correct places? Have you turned the device on?

2) Partner Help – We have carefully chosen the partners (some may call them vendors) for the product that they offer as well as the support that they provide. Please utilize these offerings as you continue your path of life long learning.

3) Technology Department Support –  We utilize Incident IQ for support tickets.  If you have tried #1 and #2 and still have an issue that needs attention, please submit a ticket.  All we ask is that you use your words and explain the issue like you would ask a student to write a paper, solve an equation, or execute a play.  We will respond as quickly as we can, do the best we can, and help you get back on track.


Bill Lohman, Technology Administrator

Eric Frost, Network Administrator

Donna Fairchild, Technology Secretary

Matthew Creasey, PC Technician

Kelby George, PC Technician

Joel Harris, Printer Technician

Andrew Nunn, PC Technician

Rickie Smith, PC Technician

Tylynn Smith, PC Technician

Alan Stackhouse, PC Technician